Some readers had trouble with a recent post and were confused when they saw an affiliate marketing link connected with the Etsy store link.  This is not a error.  As you can see from the disclosure statement on every post (see below), I do earn a small fee if readers chose to purchase at those sites via affiliate links in some of my posts and through ads. Circumventing them or using ad blockers hurts this blog.

Keeping this blog going is a real labor of love and has been for nearly 12 years.  I want it to continue being an invaluable and free resource for all. It takes a lot of time and effort behind the scenes to deliver what you see on the blog.  I always aim for what I think would be of benefit and interest for readers. Negotiating for giveaways is another way I help both the largely small businesses and designers involved as well as providing a means to reward loyal readers.

There are costs involved in discovering and delivering all the carefully curated and great content to so many of you everywhere. So those small fees earned through affiliate links makes sure I do not incur out of pocket expenses. Affiliate links also save me a lot of time as readers do ask where they can buy this or that.

For those who have and will happily found great books, useful products you love through those  links in order to make the kind of jewelry YOu want, I thank you! I appreciate the help in keeping this blog going while you shop.

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This blog may contain affiliate links. I do receive a small fee for any products purchased through affiliate links. This goes towards the support of this blog and to provide resource information to readers. The opinions expressed are solely my own. They would be the same whether or not I receive any compensation.
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