Next to shells, animal bones are one of the oldest materials used for jewelry.  Carving them into adornment is also an ancient craft.  Boneaddict showcases some beautiful hand carved ox bone, bull horn, all of which are sustainable, organic, and ethically-sourced. They also do lapidary but their hand carved pendants are standouts.
The majority of these amazing pieces are made by Widya who is based in North Carolina and her family back in Indonesia.  From time to time, some of the pieces are sourced from other local carvers to keep up with demand.

Many of the pieces are intricately carved.  Most are not very big - the eagle above measures just over 2 inches across and is under 1 inch high.  Widya says they do welcome requests for drilling holes if the pendants are undrilled.  But wire wrappers or bead embroiders don't need that!  

Made from bull horn

Some of the designs are much simpler. I rather like the Maori fish hook (Manaia Hei Matau) pendant below. It is a common Maori motif based on the mythological creature, Manaia.  Remember the Disney movie, Moana?  The fish hook features in it!

How did she end up hand carving bone? Widya said, "I grew up in Indonesia—surrounded by wildly beautiful things like turquoise crater lakes, smoking volcanoes and the indescribably brilliant blue of the Bali Straight—all in my own backyard.

Both my parents worked for the national park system, so I was blessed even more than most Indonesians to appreciate the variety and drama of my country. In the evenings, I used to watch my dad do lapidary and silversmith work to create the most marvelous pieces."  She is doubly inspired - by the natural beauty and by her father.

Widya has generously offered all readers a great 25% discount - use this code BEADINGGEM.

Bull Horn Cross

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