I still use a pin when I knot necklaces.  It takes practice but you can also knot without any tools.  Pearls are often knotted in between them to protect against rubbing and thus damage.  Another reason is to prevent losses if a strand should break.  Just imagine the pearls scattering everywhere! The silk threads have to be replaced from time to time. This time honored method was very important pre-cultured pearl times when those gemstones were very expensive.  So knowing how to restring is a good idea.

This video demonstration by Rafael Delgado has a number of professional tips and tricks on how to restring and reknot pearls which have been gently washed (mild soap and water).  One really good tip is to maintain the same order of pearls as it was originally strung. He explains why in the video.

He also uses French wire bullion which is just a very, very fine wire coil. You cut short lengths of it to use at the clasp end.  The function is similar to wire guardians (see my post on How to Use Crimp Covers, Wire Guardians and 3 Types of Crimping Pliers). Both types protect the thread from chaffing and eventually wearing out at the clasp. I personally prefer wire guardians as they are easy to use and are cost effective.  But the French wire looks daintier.

He also does that overhand knotting technique I have mentioned before which professionals use. It is done after all the pearls are restrung, rather than stringing and knotting with each pearl.

 G-S Hypo cement glue is helpful as it has a fine nozzle for delivering a tiny dot of glue.  Makes sense for this application.

Please note that this is is not a professionally done video but shared by a generous man with 40 years of experience. So it is somewhat hard to see what he is doing at times. I think, but I am not sure, that he uses a self threading needle.

H/T to Aims for this find.

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