What first caught my eye were the 3D beaded pendant tutorials - among many others -  in In Memory of Eridhan's store.  The furled edges were particularly attractive in the designs.  Shown here are my favorites. The shop name was unusual and that led to discovery of the moving personal story behind the designs. It is also about love and commitment and raises the question of what happens to our work when we pass on.

Justyna Szlęzak was the creator of all the tutorials and who founded Eridhan Creations. She lost her battle with cancer 3 years ago just before her 37th birthday.  The shop is now maintained by her significant other, Sebastian Söderlund, according to her wishes. Some of the proceeds go to charity. But the store is kept opened mainly to ensure her memory and her beading legacy lives on. A sort of memorial for a highly talented beader.

Sebastian explained, "Even if I have no experience in beading at all she felt it should still be me to ensure that her patterns are still available to everyone."

"She's the kindest and strongest person I have ever met and she had a talent for anything that had anything to do with hand crafting. There's no other person I have felt so much respect and awe for."

Justyna had a lot of beading fans and her work remains popular today.  Sebastian added, "I'm glad to see that people still appreciate what Justyna contributed to the beading community and I hope people will still love her patterns for years to come."

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