This spectacular ribbon and organza brooch tutorial by Russian designer, MiLena might interest beaders out there. It is a good way to enlarge bead embroidered pieces.

The tutorial is in Russian. But she gives the critical dimensions of the satin ribbon squares she folds so you don't need to be able to follow her oral instructions.   The folding reminds me somewhat of kanzashi flowers.   I like how she holds the folded work between tweezers to ensure her even trimming of the edges. She also uses the tool to continue to hold the work while she is using a candle flame to seal the cut edges!

The "petals" are glued together as is the organza trim and what looks like a metallic fabric focal.  This is where beaders could come in as you could attach a bead embroidery piece instead.

At the end, she uses a brooch pin finding. She glues several layers of square ribbon inside the finding to make it level with her brooch. Alternatively, you could use this technique of hiding a regular pin back behind a cabochon.  

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