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Contemporary Beaded Bracelet Tutorial Uses Long Bugle Beads

I had to look closely before I realized that this contemporary bracelet was not made from metal but from 11/0 seed beads and 3 and 30 mm bugle beads!  The easy to stitch tutorial is by Japanese beader, Sapphirus.  This is probably my favorite design in the tennis bracelet style. Simple, yet stunning.

Bugle beads are so underrated in beading.  Here the metallic colored ones are used to simulate metal frames. Very clever.

I would use 6 lb Fireline if you don't have the beading thread shown. Wire guardians are also another option at the clasp ends to protect the thread.

These will make very quick to make gifts!

Trouble getting hold of 30 mm bugle beads?  You can get them here. Same with the 3 mm ones.

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  1. I love her work! So much of it reflects the type of jewelry that I actually wear, which is small dainty pieces, and like you said look like actual metal pieces. Watching her videos are so clear on what you do next, even the older ones that don't have any English subtitles.

    1. I love her style and teaching for sure. Glad you enjoy her patterns too!

  2. Love this bracelet and seems easy to make. I'm going to try! Thanks for sharing!

  3. wow, so nice looking. I want to make it, now to find the long beads....

  4. Have fun Suzanne - check the links I gave at the end on where to buy them.

  5. Hi Pearl: Love this design. Do you know where the clasp came from. I really like the loop for the lobster clasp. It is a different shape than usual.

    1. Haven't the foggiest idea. It is uncommon, for sure. I will make a note and see if I encounter it in my internet travels. Will share if I do.

    2. Hi! I just started using the loop (chain tab) for dainty bracelets like this one. First, thank you Pearl for posting this design - absolutely love it and can't wait to make it.

      Alison - I am not sure if it is okay to post a link for the clasp. I ordered the chain tabs in gold, silver and bronze finish from Fire Mountain gems - gold-plated #H20-1312CH.

      Hope that helps!

    3. Thank you for sharing the source! That is so helpful to everyone in this community!


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