Wire woven earrings designs are, on one hand, quick to do. But they are also more challenging as you have to make two and sometimes mirror images of each other!  If you are up to the challenge, then check out these 5 lovely wire woven earrings tutorials by different instructors. The first one is by Oksana Trukhan of Ursula Jewelry.

This one is perhaps the hardest one to do if you are relatively new to wire work. The tutorial shows how you can make the frame and the ear hook part. The rest can be free form.

The video has been speeded up so you may not notice how she is wire weaving the base frame and the bottom part of the decorative wire base. She is moving the wire in between these two thicker wires to get the multiple wraps on the decorative wire and then occasionally wrapping both the base frame and decorative wire base.

This next one is by Jennifer Beidermann Jewelry is easier. Lots of bends.  Her website is here.

Nicole of Go Art Yourself's lovely design reminds me of guitars!  Her website is NicoleHannaJewelry.

OxanaCraft's tutorial is another easy one. It also adds seed beads.

Lily- Tree's diamond shaped earrings tutorial has a contemporary feel to it as the bends are angular.

In general, I prefer 26 G over 28 G wire for wrapping.  The wire is thicker and thus more noticeable.

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