Mermaids continue to inspire many artists. What is it about this imagery which attracts? No one really knows. On one hand, these mythical creatures are considered beautiful and alluring. Yet folklore depicts them as sirens who lure sailors to their doom. What is certain is that mermaids is a  popular theme.

Florida born and based Karim of Aria Marli Art is a talented artist who specializes in nursery art and custom child portraiture. She also has a most delightful and unusual mermaid collection!  She creates mermaid tail resin art jewelry holders!  The tails make great props for rings, earrings and even necklaces.

Picture them in your powder room or bathroom - a pretty stand to hold your jewelry (particularly rings)  while you wash your hands or take a shower.  I could also see them being used as jewelry displays for someone who makes ocean themed jewelry for sale!

The resin mermaid tails are mounted on different things - shells being my favorite.  She also has mermaid figurines.  I also like her mermaid themed jewelry boxes!

Not into mermaids?  Karim also makes crystal resin art jewelry holders.

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