There are lots of fun tutorials everywhere on how to create acrylic dirty pours for all sorts of art projects.  To my delight, jewelry makers have been exploring the possibilities too.  Debbie Crowthers's tutorial on how to make polymer clay art beads with this technique is definitely worth a look!
She carefully experiments with Floetrol, a brand of paint conditioner which makes paint flow better.  Using water doesn't work as the pigments are disrupted. Crucially, she tests the on different brands of polymer clay  Kato and Premo clay.  And then made her beads!

Debbie added in an email to me, "You know since doing the blog post on polymer and acrylic pours, I’ve had a few people contact me to say they had been doing acrylic skins on polymer, acrylic pours on cured polymer etc. I guess my interest was in creating a raw veneer with an acrylic pour on top – that way I could manipulate the clay to create 3 -dimensional objects – that’s what gets me really excited."

Another tutorial worth checking out is the one by Gloria Uhler of  Domestic Diva-Online.  She doesn't use paint thinners but used Testors Marbling Medium. It is used by crafters and mixed media artists and is available from Michaels, various hobby stores and so on. Gloria tested out on canvas but it is worth trying on polymer clay, wood, cured resin and so on.  She shares many tips.  I like her suggestion for paint resistance where she deliberately placed objects to control paint flow.

There are other mediums to use for dirty pours.  Check out this Floetrol vs Liquitex Pouring Medium side by side test.  You can purchase Liquitex Pouring Medium from art shops or buy it online.

Note : there are other types of paint extenders available - not just those mentioned here. They are all a bit different. Be prepared to experiment as these featured designers have done.

So  have fun making acrylic dirty pours. Jewelry pieces are small so the products and paint supplies will go far!

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