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Easy Bugle Bead Triangle Necklace Tutorial

Geometric jewelry designs certainly appeal perhaps because of their contemporary style. Here is one easy tutorial which features bugle beads which aren't used that much in jewelry designs.  It is designed by Helena Chmelikova for Preciosa-Ornela.

The tutorial uses nylon line to bind up 3 bugle beads for the triangle. You could also use wire. Twist up the wire ends a little and tuck each trimmed end into the bugle hole.

You can use different sizes of beads as in the multiple triangle earrings example in the tutorial. Or play with the colors. Do all the triangles have to be hung from the chain?  Nope.  Go experiment away. (See first link below for ideas).

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  1. Preiosa always has lovely full-page ads in the beading magazines. Then I go looking for the beads and they're not for sale yet. I guess bugle beads would be the exception, those are easy to find. When I wanted to try Karo beads, though, I had to order them from the UK, and the Preciosa drops I could only get from Slovakia a few months ago (that may have changed).

    1. Yup. It is frustrating. But eventually the new beads do reach our shores!

  2. Oh!! I have some bugle beads! I think I'll give this a try!

  3. I collect the bugle bead tutorials because I have plenty of them!!


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