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Beautiful Swarovski Crystal Beaded Patterns and Kits by Bead4Me

I thought I had gone inside Aladdin's cave when I wandered into Israeli, Isabella Lam's shop, Bead4Me. She uses all kinds of cabochons and gemstones. But it is her Swarovski crystal beaded tutorials which sparkle. Literally.

 Isabella and her husband have their own beads and findings business. But it is her pleasurable obsession with beading that led her to create so many unique and beautiful designs.  She offers not just tutorials but combination patterns and kits.

Are you a teacher?  Isabella also licences her tutorials for teaching.  Check out her about page which lists her terms.  Contact her if you need clarification.

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  1. I stumbled onto Isabella Lams webshop a few years ago when I had just started bead weaving. I was determined to make some of her beautiful designs, and even though I was a beginner, her instructions were clear and easy enough for me to have success. I’ve made several versions of “Genesis” and “Scarlet”, as well as other Lam designs. You can use almost any 13x18 cabochon for Genesis. That’s a very common siize for some beautiful vintage cabochons. (See Etsy)

    I also recommend the pattern “Alexa”. I’ve made at least 15 bracelets for friends, relatives and weddings with that easy pattern. Everybody loves it, even my minimalist daughter who doesn’t like “big sparkly stuff”. (How can she be related to me?)

    When you can’t or don’t want to find some of the special jewels and beads that Isabela uses in her designs, you can always order a kit from her. I’ve ordered several and they’re exactly as advertised.

    Thanks for showcasing my favorite and first bead weaving designer. These patterns are where it all started for me!


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