It has been six years since I last wrote about the family business Creating UnKamen (they called themselves Unkamen Supplies then).  Those six years have seen this husband and wife business blossom in many ways. They now have a larger team to help  and a new 13,000 sq foot headquarters in Fulton, Missouri! They offer free shipping too!
It all started when they got into chain maille jewelry making but were unable to get the high quality jump rings they wanted.  So Ralph, with over 40 years of engineering experience, starting making the machines and tooling they needed to create their supplies.

Saw Cut Copper Jump Rings

Karen manages the business - "She makes everything runs smoothly, sources materials and makes sure supplies arrive, ensures work is done on time and orders are shipped quickly to our customers. She also takes most of the photographs, ships, stocks and collaborates with designs."

Bracelet made with their Square Wire Jump Rings

I asked before. Why "Unkamen"? Ralph explained, "We are an uncommon family, so we needed an Unkamen name!"  And true to their name, their store is full of uncommon items besides the staples.

This store has a huge treasure hoard of an inventory so be warned! I had a very difficult time picking a selection to feature!

Coated Metal Ear Wires

My favorite section is their Artisan Hoop Section - precision made and in all sorts of styles. They make them in many different kinds of metals - argentium silver, 14kt rose gold filled wire, 14kt yellow gold filled wire, sterling silver wire, rich low brass, titanium, niobium, bronze, yellow brass, stainless steel. The rainbow niobium and titanium ones are fun. Both these metals are hypoallergenic, with titanium particularly strong and durable.

I always though key rings had to be round. Nope!  Check out their Split Rings and Key Rings section.

Oval, Flower, Star Premium Key Rings
Their Switch Earrings section is worth a look too. These ear wires allow you to swap out dangles from the same pair of ear wires.

Titanium Switch Earrings

They make and sell adjustable bangles AND these adjustable ring bases too!  Imagine adding simple dangles to them. See Tools, Bangles and Misc.

Adjustable ring bases

There are some "gems" i.e. hard to find - in their Wire and Sheet Metal Section.

Nickle-free Square Stainless Steel Wire
Flat Artistic Wire
They also sell Lifetime Jewelry chain maille making kits.

Their Fun Jewelry Kits section includes this lovely earrings :

I love this chain maille votive candle holder from their Jewelry Tutorial section :

Full gloves are not comfortable or practical. But fingers can get sore if  you do a lot of wire work.  These Cowhide Finger Cots are a great solution!

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