Long time readers will remember that my mother does amazing bead embroidered pictures, shoe vamps and handbags using the beaded cross stitch method on aida cloth. So if you love doing cross stitch, this technique adds a lot of texture and dimension. The tutorial here (Update : video no longer available) is by Russian beader, Oksana Vorokhobova on the Diana Handmade channel. It is for a brooch but you could also make pendants.

The designer used 18 count Aida and probably 11/0 beads. You can check - the beads you use should sit within a "square" unit of the Aida cloth.

The tutorial is only in Russian at the moment.  They have been able to translate into English some of the other tutorials in their collection.  Perhaps in the future?  In the meantime, it is easy enough to follow what you have to do.  Once the picture is done, the standard bead embroidery finish techniques kick in.

There are some adaptations including adding a bit of padding to puff out the design.

NB. You may notice this tutorial is marked as Part 1 even though it is a complete one.  The parts could relate to a particular series.  If there are Russian speakers out there, please let us know!

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