Want the look of resin but don't want to use it? The easy solution is to use paper and glass cabochons! This tutorial is a miniature of the one I did for my previous no resin real flower pendant tutorial. In both cases, the bezels and glass cabochons are from Nunn Design.

This tutorial uses the Nunn Design 8 mm round bezel stud or post earrings which are matched with Patera glass cabochons.  Thanks Becky for letting me try these out!

None of my round paper punches were that size - 8 mm. I thought of tracing circles around the bezels and then trimming with scissors.  Cutting circles by hand never ends happily.  Then I realized, after a quick test,  I did have a paper punch which would work!

I used a single hole punch (or you can use an ordinary 3 hole puncher for binders) to cut circles from a variety of paper - origami, shiny and glittery craft paper. This project is great for using up scrap pieces of paper from other projects.

E6000 glue would have been a mess.   I used Super New Glue (not your regular super glue). Being liquid, 1-2 drops could easily be spread inside the bezel.

I positioned the paper circle in the middle using a plastic pick - you can also use a toothpick.  Notice that the paper circle does not reach the bezel edge?  That does not matter at all. You will see why soon.

I added another drop of Super New Glue on top of the paper circle.

Then popped the glass cabochon on top. Make sure you press down and move it a bit to eliminate any air bubbles. As you can see from the photo below, the glass cabochon magnifies the paper such that there is no gap to be seen!

It takes a few minutes for the glue to dry.  So prop the studs up between some boxes (or in my case, empty CD cases) to keep them level. Otherwise, the glass cabochons might set lopsided.

There you have it! I am going to enjoy wearing these.  These make easy gifts for time pressed individuals.

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