Long time readers will know that I love making resin jewelry and more recently, coasters!  All this made fun and easy with resin and other accessories from Little Windows which is a small business run by Fran Valera.   I have created many tutorials over the years!

The ones which readers absolutely love are the series of tutorials for making real flower resin jewelry. You can pick them out from my Pinterest sub-board Resin Jewelry Tutorials.

One of the reasons why I like Little Windows so much is their Brilliant Resin.  Their formulation is excellent - absolutely clear with much longer shelf life than other brands. I suspect more impurities are removed during its manufacture.  You can tell if resin kits you see on shelves are starting to get old or are not as clean, they are yellowish in color.

Brilliant Resin is also a low bubble producer - there are few bubbles if you work carefully.  Fran's recommendation of microwaving Part A for 6-7 seconds before mixing is also very useful in reducing bubbles.   (Note : Art Resin is another fabulous resin I like but it creates a lot of bubbles during the catalytic reaction so a torch is absolutely necessary.)

Brilliant Resin is a doming resin - so it has that dome like shape when poured into a bezel.  As such, bubbles, if formed, can be harder to remove when using deeper molds.

One other thing to note, resin needs a reasonable room temperature to cure properly. So if you work in a cold attic, that might be the cause of it not curing!

One product I also like, and use a lot, is the silicone doming tray.  Accidental drips are easily removed once cured!

The resin method is an easy way to embed all kinds of things and not just for jewelry making! My personal home decor projects are the sea shell and sea glass coaster tutorial and the sparkly glass chip coaster tutorial.

Also check out Fran's innovative ideas in her project center!  I selected a few of my current favorites here :

1. Secret Mold for Pendants, Hair Clips, Knobs and More

Who knew the protective part of a deodorant stick makes for an excellent (and free) mold?

2. Photo Resin Charms

Preserve your precious holiday photos! These resin charms can be made into jewelry or used as fridge magnets.

3. Bendy Resin Ornaments

Fran was inspired when she saw an expensive glass ornament.  Check out how you can bend resin to create all kinds of 3D  pendants and ornaments.

4. Glow in the Dark Resin Projects

A classic for Halloween!  I didn't choose the jewelry design with the spiders as some of you might be arachnophobic!

5. Resin Roses Tutorial

This one is fun as you can make translucent pieces and incorporate wire.


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