Olya of Boosiko creates minimalist beaded fringe earrings. It is such a joy to see traditional bead work done in a modern style. Her earrings are sometimes asymmetrical in pattern. 

One of my favorites is her Mondrian-like design shown below.

She goes with geometrical designs as well as pretty floral creations.

Olya also has her floral beaded ring (shown below) available as a PDF tutorial on her other store Nepinka Patterns.

As is the tutorial for one of her beaded fringe earrings :

But Nepinka Patterns is fabulous for more unusual designs.  Note that these are  pattern tutorials - you should be familiar with brick stitch as those instructions are not given. Here are some of my favorites :

Nautilus Beaded Brooch 
Beaded Floral Anatomical Heart Earrings (other variations are also available)
Burning Heart Pattern
The Moai or Easter Island man pendant is perfect as male jewelry!

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