What does a retired high school art teacher do?  Well, Californian Cindy Brunk of Recycling Redefined makes recycled aluminum can jewelry!  She explained, "I started making earrings as a fundraiser for art supplies for my class. I just didn’t realize how much fun I would have making these pieces of jewelry!"

Her mostly one of a kind designs are unlike other recycled aluminum soda can jewelry I have seen. Each design is hand-cut, doubled layered, embossed and usually painted on both sides and sealed. The hand painting certainly gives her pieces an enamel look.

She has many designs and I suspect she will never run out of ideas.  Cindy has a great eye for choosing just the right embossing texture for the shape and color schemes!  My favorites are the peacock feather earrings, bee and flower earrings and the dragonfly earrings.  The lip earrings are so much fun!

She added, "Art is my life, and I want to do my best to continue making and teaching art in a way that is eco friendly. We need to preserve this beautiful planet Earth."  And if I might add - the only home we've got.

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