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Pretty Polymer Clay Sea Shell Earrings Tutorial

Spanish polymer clay designer of Buna and Alkarfa has a pretty polymer clay shell earrings tutorial that is worth a look.  She shares some neat tricks. Firstly, it doesn't matter what color your clay is especially if you are going to add all sorts of color effects!  She uses what looks like leftover scraps!

She created the lines with little bumps as depressions on the clay by using a thin acrylic template which has some width to it and little ball ended tools. Once done, she used the other side as the front!

I also liked how she used a paper template to get the shape she wanted. The contrast textured piece (in pink) just makes the whole design pop!

The tutorial is in Catalan. So either use Google Translate or follow my favorite method. For computer users, use the Chrome browser, right click and select translate to English. For mobile device users, use the Chrome app (free) and agree to the translation when asked.

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  1. Good tutorial. The translation to English was a bit weird but you can still understand how it is done.

    1. Yes, the machine translators still have a long way to go. But a rough translation is better than none!


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