Japanese designer, Rie of Paru Channel, makes jewelry and accessories with UV resin.  I love her hand painted peacock UV resin peacock charm/pendant tutorial. Her tutorials are in Japanese. But they are self-explanatory.  What I am assuming is she cures the first layer of clear resin before hand painting the peacock with colored resin - she used what looks like alcohol inks to get the colors. Clever to use nail art technique and little decorations!

UV resins have two advantages over 2 part resin. First it cures quickly under UV light or just plain sunlight. You do not have to wait 24 hours for it to cure!  This particular brand is made in Japan. The second benefit is NO MIXING! The UV resins usually come in bottles with nozzles.

Nocturnal crafter? UV lights are easy to get and are relatively inexpensive as they are used for gel nail polishes. Some of them, like this one, are dual light - UV or LED.

She used the same basic painting idea using metal open frames for her mermaid charms. You need to make sure the charms are pressed against packing tape or my favorite, clear adhesive shelf liner, before adding the resin.

Her wire and paper Japanese fan earrings are wonderful!

She also decorated a clear phone case with petal like stickers, glitter and little flat back  rhinestones.  UV resin is used to cover and protect the work.

This clever UV resin tutorial is for a perfume bottle pendant. She shows how to make what looks like "perfume" inside the bottle.

You can see more of her UV resin work on her Etsy, Paru Channel.

No UV resin or light? Consider  making a first clear layer out of 2 part resin in a suitable mold. Once cured, paint on it using acrylic paint or inks. Dry and cover with another layer of resin.   What do you think?

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