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Delicate Lily of the Valley Wire Flower Pendant Tutorial

I love to see naturalized Lily of the Valley when they carpet large areas. Some might even consider it invasive but I don't.  The tiny bell like flowers on long stalks are lovely.  Lan Anh, the talented and self-taught Vietnamese wire artist I have featured before, also loves this flower and came out with this delicate Lily of the Valley flower pendant tutorial.

The Viking Knit wire work at the bottom is an innovative move. It also holds the round stone in! She uses 20 and 28 G wire.  She recommends stones of 1 cm in diameter or larger.  But you are not limited to gemstones or glass beads. Round polymer clay beads, perhaps? 

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  1. Lovelovelove lilies of the valley. This is a good one, Pearl. Watching the video now. Great bead cage alternative. Trying to figure out a way to make it somewhat adjustable so I can pre-make the flowers to a point where I can add someone's bead choice on the spot and finish it off while they wait.


    1. That sounds like a great customizing idea! Hope you can find a way!!

  2. Alleys might be considered glass beads but they'd suit this perfectly! When I was a kid we had silver 'arnies' that one the game. They were basically silver bearings. Wouldn't they look gorgeous in this?!

    I have a tree that is surrounded with Lily of the Valley. I leave them be - I like them so much!

    Good tutorial Pearl. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Those lily of the valley flowers of yours must look spectacular!

  4. Thank you so much the lily of the valley earrings are beautiful


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