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How to Easily Put On (and Take Off) a Cuff with a Narrow Opening

This tip came from Judy Larson who shares many of her tutorials here. The video is linked in her upcoming tutorial on how to make a beautiful soldered cuff.  I thought to share it now because some of you may not look at her tutorial if you aren't into metal work.  This demonstration is by Glacierlily.

The key is to slip it on using the narrowest part of your wrist.  This avoids distorting any cuff bracelet.  You should not attempt to force the ends apart!

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  1. I seem to have the opposite problem. My wrists are tiny for an adult (5.25 inches in circumference) so a lot of cuffs are just too big for me. Pretty much the only ones I can wear are ones I make for myself. (On the other hand, precut 6" strips of metal are great for me and usually I have to cut a little off the end.)

    1. That is one of the most compelling reasons for making your own jewelry - to get them to fit just right! You are lucky that you can save on precious materials too as you need less!

    2. I can also get by, buying way fewer beads than most bracelet patterns call for. (Also it takes less time to make beaded bracelets for me!)

  2. Fabulous tip! So many people tell me they can't get them on because of a small opening.

  3. I still don't seem to get it! I usually wear my peannular cuffs like a bangle

    1. So you wear much larger cuffs then to be able to get them over your hand?


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