British designer, Justina of Pink Elephant Dreams  says she is a dreamer.  Passionate about jewelry making, she works hard at her craft.  She first started a few years ago, designing just for her friends.

I particularly love her animal designs which show her talent for using wire to "sketch" the animals. Just the right amount of wire frames and wrapping so anyone can instantly recognize the creature being represented. This is not an easy task!

I loved her cute little story which was really all about making her own dreams  come true: "There was a story about cute little pink elephant. He was dreaming to fly one day, fly high over the clouds, together with birds and butterflies. Everybody knew, that elephants couldn't fly and they kept telling this to little elephant. But nobody knew, that little elephant believed in his dream so much, that he didn't care about others` opinions. Nobody could convince him, that the sky didn't want elephants to fly."

Justina says she doesn't have a studio. A studio is definitely not a pre-requisite for lovely designs! She explains, "I am creating in my living room comfy under the blanket or by my desk."

She also has some wire tutorials.  The wire woven heart bail as well as the earrings are gorgeous!

Wire woven bail tutorial

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