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Complex Wire Woven Jewelry and Tutorials by Imnium Tutorials

wire woven pendant tutorial

Ivona Posavi Psak of Croatia is the amazing wire work designer behind Imniumtutorials.  She must have very strong fingers because her many of her designs are incredibly complex.

Her dense bezels encompass a number of gemstones. Most of her work involves wire weaving. However, she does incorporate some metal work like soldering in some of her designs. Please read the tutorial description to see what is involved.

wire woven pendant tutorial

wire woven pendant tutorial

wire woven butterfly pendant tutorial

This one below is perhaps one of her easiest tutorials!

wire woven pendant tutorial

This is her bass clef wire woven pendant -arguably one of the most outstanding bass clef design I have come across.

wire woven pendant tutorial

The above designs are her available tutorials.  Check out her incredible Deviantart gallery which shows you many more of her designs.  My favorites are shown below.

The front and back views of this labradorite pendant design are both stunning!

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  1. Oh, yes, these pendants are incredible! I wanted to purchase one her tutorials but first I need to get the right wire as I don't have access to many varieties in my country and shipping costs from the US make it too expensive!

    1. Have you checked the less conventional places like hardware stores or even electrical suppliers? The latter would have copper wire.

    2. Yes, Pearl, I have :) I have bought cable with 20 GA wire core and also 20 GA pure copper wire and the size is visibly different from the ones I buy at craft stores!!! The variety at the local hardware stores is limited. There's more online wholesale but I'd rather see and touch it prior to buying :) Anyway, I've made up my mind to purchase one of these tutorials and I will :)


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