Remember my riveted wavy leather bracelet tutorial from a while ago?  The DIY used wide wavy leather from Sun Enterprises. The waviness added a cool element to the design. I found the Nappa leather from Sun Enterprises is very soft and comfortable. But you can also use regular leather straps and use the findings I demonstrated which are specially designed for leather work.

Sun Enterprises has two widths (20 and 12 mm) in different colors available. Consider teaming up with your friends to make the order if you wish to purchase from this wholesaler. However, I did find an Etsy shop, cristaldesignFR which sells a limited range of wavy Nappa leather.

This tutorial uses the narrower 12 mm width.  I used the brown and red ones, courtesy of Sun Enterprises.

TierraCast kindly provided the strap tips, compression rivets (comes in two parts) and the metal flowers which are designed for riveting. Their leather findings are my all time favorites from their inventory! These high quality US made pewter findings come in different finishes.

TierraCast is a wholesaler so check your local jewelry supplier. Tierracast also sells some of their inventory on Amazon. Lots of Etsy vendors sell their strap tips and other findings. There is just one Canadian vendor on Etsy - StravaMax. For example I used the silver 6.5 mm compression rivets.

How do strap tips work?  Well, there is a beveled part on one side (the wrong side) which allows you to butt the leather strap end to it.  Note that as this is a wavy leather and the bracelet was sized to fit me, the edges do jut out a little.

I used a light colored marker pen to mark the spot where I have to punch a hole. This is the right side of the strap tip.

I used my leather hole puncher set to the second smallest hole (2.5 mm).  The smallest hole should also work.

Insert the bottom part of the compression rivet from the back of the rivet (beveled edge side). The wavy leather also has a back side due to the seamline.

Put the cap of the compression rivet on the right side and hammer the rivet until no gap remains. You can also use the 6 mm rivet setter if you prefer to maintain a more rounded cap. (See previous tutorial for more details.)

I added TierraCast toggle clasps. Then decided where the flowers would go. I then marked the places where I needed to punch holes for the flowers. Once done, I added more compression rivets to connect the flowers. Again see the previous tutorial on how to rivet in embellishments.

Viola!  Easy leather bracelets!  I love how strap tips really add a design element of their own to the bracelets.

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