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Luscious Lamp Work Glass Beads by Debbie Sanders

It is no secret I greatly admire lamp work glass artists...and their specialized studio set ups!  Their skill working with molten glass and staring into flame (albeit with safety glasses) is something which takes talent and a lot of practice. One such artist is Idaho based Debbie Sanders

Her incredibly luscious lamp work beads are full of rich details.  I had a hard time trying to pick my favorites from her large collection. 

Debbie explained, "I started making beads back in 2007 when a friend of mine introduced me to lampworking. I learned how to make animals first but my passion quickly turned to “organics.” Through trial and error, I became familiar with color reactions as they interact with metals and silver glass."

She added, "I really appreciate the organic look that seems to have its own unique style on each bead. No two beads are ever the same."  These unique beads are the kind which handmade jewelry designers can use to make ultimately distinctive creations of their own.

Note that Debbie sells many of her beads in large groups up to 36 in some cases. These make the individual beads very cost effective indeed.

Now to stop drooling.....

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  1. I like how she works with a variety of colors. I like her style, but some color combinations appeal to me more than others (just a matter of personal taste). Some glass artists stick with one color palette and you're kind of left out if you don't 100% share their taste.

    1. That is a shrewd and absolutely spot on observation. Her beads are indeed luscious and coveted!

  2. I love Debbie sander's beads. I have 4-5 discs gifted to me by Gloria Allen and I prize them

  3. Oh my - now this is just cruel! What colours! What styles! Sigh.....

  4. Such delicious colors and designs. I had to stop and wipe my chin, as drooling on a keyboard isn't a good thing. Your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing , Pearl and Debbie Sanders.

  5. These beads are exquisite!


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