French beaded flowers is a specialized technique. Yet there were some readers who were really keen on last week's giveaway for Fen Li's new book, Bead Flora.

For Ruth Roberts, it brought back memories. She exclaimed, "Want, want, want! I used to make these when I was a little girl with my grandma. I would love to make them again. It brings back such good memories and I can't wait to learn again."

Mary was another one who remembers this technique from her past. She said, "Love Fen's beaded flowers. My Grandmother taught me how to make beaded flowers when I was around 8, I am 61 now. She had a bouquet from her grandmother that were made in the mid-1800's. I have not made any for years."

Even if the technique is new, you are never too old to learn as Christine Maxwell said in her comments.

Holly Kuzman quipped, "Fen is the queen of beaded flowers" Indeed her book, Bead Flora shows off her mastery of this historical craft and she certainly does a great deal to help popularize it.

So who won the book?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on to do the picking. The lucky winner is Christine Maxwell!  Congratulations!

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