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Book Review and Giveaway : Bead Flora - The Revival of French Beaded Flowers

Remember Fen Li's free French beaded flower tutorial from last week?  That was to celebrate the launch of her first book! It is exciting because it is the culmination of a lot of hard work.

Fen is the designer behind Bead Flora  (she is also on Etsy as Bead Flora Studio). She has been passionate about the French beaded flower technique for nearly 2 decades. The craft saw a revival in the early 2000's when many beautiful creations were created in the aftermath of 9/11. They are still around as these designs do not wilt.

I received a copy of her book, Bead Flora - The Revival of French Beaded Flowers for review.   Fen does cover a brief history of the French beaded flowers.  She also shares many tips on what type of wire to use and how to finish the assembled flowers. It is not just florist tape!  There are also 3 ways, including using a bead spinner, to load the beads onto the wire.

The book itself is divided into 3 main sections. The first is a series of simpler designs which teaches the novice the basic techniques.  I hadn't realized that there are abbreviated terms for certain steps much as there are with knitting and crochet.

Besides the Spring Blossoms tutorial published last week, there is also this delightful Small Daisies project :

Another sweet starter project is the Sweet Blossoms design shown below :

The middle section are the more advanced projects such as this unusual bamboo creation. You can see why French beaded flowers work so well as home decor.

Some of my favorites from this section include the daffodil, hydrangeas and purple coneflower (echinacea) with its marvelous center.

Last but not least is the section on really lovely French Beaded jewelry.

As you can see, the French beading method is versatile. Keep it small for jewelry. Scale it up and multiply the blooms and leaves for spectacular bouquets. I especially love seeing examples of Fen's collaborative work with a florist where beaded flowers nestle among real ones.  A great book to learn the technique and to get inspired.


If you'd like to win this giveaway for an autographed copy Bead Flora - The Revival of French Beaded Flowers, please make a comment below. Make sure you leave contact info below if you do not have an online shop or blog.

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This giveaway is for US and Canada only.

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It ends in a week's time at 6 pm EST Monday, February 25, 2019. I will pick the winner randomly and announce the results as soon as possible after. So be sure to leave a contact email if you don't have an online link or make sure you come back and check! Otherwise I will redraw in a week. Good luck!

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  1. madhavireddyboorgu@hotmail.comFebruary 18, 2019 at 8:57 AM

    Excellent all of the inspiration and your obvious respect for all forms of art and the artisans who create them. Please enter me into the beaded flower book drawing. Thank you.

  2. This is not something I'd ever considered trying because I find stringing a bunch of seed beads on wire to be tedious. But, I didn't realize you could use a bead spinner and I have one and now I want to try at least a few small projects.

  3. I love Fen’s flowers and her excellent video tutorials, so her book is bound to be a treasure trove.

    Pearl, as always, I give my heartfelt thanks for all you do to support and assist the jewelry-making community. I always look forward to your blogs and Facebook posts.

  4. Have been eyeing up the beaded flowers for awhile now.

    I follow you via bloglovin.

  5. Oh I've always wanted to learn French beaded flowers! I'd love to be the lucky winner!!

  6. Want, want, want! I used to make these when I was a little girl with my grandma. I would love to make them again. It brings back such good memories and I can't wait to learn again. Thank you so much for the opportunity! Great give away.

  7. Love Fen's beaded flowers. My Grandmother taught me how to make beaded flowers when I was around 8, I am 61 now. She had a bouquet from her grandmother that were made in the mid-1800's. I have not made any for years. Would love to win the book and learn how to make the more complicated ones. Thanks for sharing all your jewelry projects. Mary (mlodom at nova dot edu)

  8. I have viewed some of Fen's videos and explored her web site and she is masterful at this craft. I am now inspired to try this myself. Her book would certainly be a perfect way to learn this beautiful beadwork. Win or not this book is now on my list of books to buy!
    Thank you both for this give-away.

    Lorraine Gonda

  9. Fen's flowers are beautiful. I would love to try making some and this looks like it would be a great way to start.

  10. I've made a few beaded flowers in the past. These are truly beautiful - would love to made the peach blossoms.

  11. Ooohhh...Fen is the queen of beaded flowers, so her book is bound to be superb. Via Facebook

  12. These are lovely. via Facebook

  13. I simply adore Fen's French beaded flowers and would love to get this book. I have been making beaded flowers for about fifteen years and still have a lot to learn.
    April Spencer

  14. The beauty of these flowers cannot be explained with simple words. They are gorgeous! The idea of having such beauty in your presence and that they won't wilt is awesome! One only needs the fragrance to be complete...Thanks for the chance to win such a book full of beauty!

  15. I love, love, love beaded flowers! I have made many beaded roses and I love seeing their beautiful blooms well after the live gift bouquets have wilted and died. It would be wonderful to learn to make other flowers as well. It's also a great change from jewelry making, but just as creative.

  16. These are awesome and would love to learn a new technique. Have been beading for 20 plus years and you never get to old to learn some thing new. Christine Maxwell

  17. I’m inspired just reading about these flowers. Will be a great technique for wedding jewelry and accessories!

  18. I really would love to make all these flowers.

  19. amazing designs and so much talent! never tried beaded flowers bu used to make silk ones. maybe mixed together. Now I need this book. ty, Pearl for reviewing it. Blog subscriber at


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