Sometimes, a particular and outstanding design catches my eye.  That is how I came across Lisa Barth's wonderful wire jewelry work.  Her combination leather and wire bracelet tutorial shown above is unique and gorgeous.

It is an incredible tutorial for learning different techniques and how to handle different materials. There are 3 main sections : "wire weaving for the centerpiece, the Josephine knot for the cording and the leather work for the bracelet. Multiple skills are demonstrated with tips along the way."

This Atlanta, Georgia based designer has a number of other lovely wire jewelry tutorials in her store, Lisa Barth Jewelry. Pendants and bracelets are her forte. Shown here are my favorites.  I particularly love how she added beads to the back of this pendant :

Lisa is also Senior level certified metal clay instructor and professional jewelry photographer - it shows!  She is not just passionate about jewelry making but she clearly strives to be the very best she can be in all she does.

Lisa is also the author of two jewelry making books. Timeless Wire Weaving is one which I previously reviewed and highly recommend.

The other book is Designing From The Stone: Design Techniques for Bezel Setting in Metal Clay Using the Stone as Inspiration.

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