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Lion in the Trees' Animal Enamel Pins

Lion in the Trees's enamel pin wolf dog

Californian, Shirley Jackson, is an amazing illustrator who also designs animal enamel pins based on her original work.  Her store, LionintheTrees, has many colorful examples. Pins make inexpensive gifts. They can easily adorn coat lapels, backpacks, handbags and other accesories.

Shirley also sells her pins in sets as well as seconds if you don't mind the imperfections in exchange for a reduction in the price.

Lion in the Trees's enamel pin blue jay bird

Bird lovers will appreciate her bird series.  There is the Blue Jay above - perfect for fans of the Toronto Blue Jays baseball team!  She also has magpie, quail, sparrow, barn swallow, pigeon and seagull enamel pins. 

Lion in the Trees's bird enamel pin magpie, pigeon, swallow, sparrow, seagull, quail

Her Chinese zodiac enamel pins are stunning.  Shirley has a sense a humor. She has just one cat enamel pin. She says that the reason why the cat did not make it into the Chinese Zodiac was because it was napping!  In Chinese mythology, the rat sabotaged the cat so it missed the banquet with the Jade Emperor. Ever since, cats will fight with rats!

Lion in the Trees's enamel pin sleeping cat

Lion in the Trees's enamel pin Chinese zodiac

Lion in the Trees's enamel pin Chinese zodiac

Lion in the Trees's enamel pin Chinese zodiac

Lion in the Trees's enamel pin Chinese zodiac

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  1. My goodness she is good! Enamelling isn't easy to begin with and her designs are so detailed!

    I checked out her shop and the reviews for her 'seconds' say they are as good as her firsts. That says a lot!

    Good find Pearl. Thanks for the share.


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