There are many outstanding beadwork designers out there. Each has a distinctive style. Columbus, Ohio based Mandi Olaniyi's work is beautiful with more than a touch of glamour. As you can see from Bead Woven Dreams, she excels with many open framed designs.

Her bracelet tutorials are particularly noteworthy.  I had a hard time picking my favorites!

Mandi explained how she got started.  She said, "I started beading back in 2011 as a hobby. In 2013 I was hired to work at my neighborhood bead store where I still work today. Since working there I've had the wonderful opportunity to not only learn more about bead weaving, but to make such wonderful friends and bead buddies.

When I started bead weaving I never planned on selling any of my items, I would just give my pieces away. I hadn't planned on teaching or selling patterns either, and yet here I am. And I'm happy here. Sometimes the best things in life are unplanned, much like my pieces." But look how wonderful they all turned out!

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