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I previously shared Cheryl St Pierre's lovely wire swirl earrings tutorial. Did you know she also has a set of more elaborate wire swirl jewelry tutorials?  She called it Celtic style because a wire worked trio of beads are wrapped in such a way which reminds her of Celtic designs.

Like her previous tutorial, she manipulates two strands of wire to form decorative swirls. My favorite is her lovely Celtic style heart pendant tutorial which features some twisted wire work.  Perfect for Valentine's Day or a special gift for a loved one.

Part 2 of the heart tutorial is here. Poor Cheryl. She did not mean the tutorial to be divided into two. Generous instructors like her who freely share how they make their designs are rarely professional videographers. Believe me, making video tutorials is exceedingly time consuming!  She ran into trouble because using a smartphone (which is probably all she has) for video tutorials is limited by the amount of memory.

Here is her bracelet tutorial.

The necklace tutorial has a tapered focal area.

 The first part of her Celtic style necklace is here. The necklace tutorial is also in two parts due to the memory storage issue.

The second part is the last bit on how she attaches the chains.

This is the earrings tutorial which better matches the above bracelet and necklace tutorials.

Her alternative earrings design with twisted wire goes better with the Celtic heart design.

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  1. It never fails to amaze me that after all the years I've been making jewellery I can still learn something new pretty much every time I watch someone else make something -- neat little tricks to make things much more easily (big duh!). Cheryl also repeats over and over that these projects take practice, practice, practice, which I can't emphasise enough, as well. Trying a completely new technique and making a mess of it can be a huge blow to one's ego. Save all those wire rejects and disasters, straighten out and rescue inch+ pieces of wire to make bead dangles, connectors and bead chains.

    Really worthwhile videos. Thanks again, Pearl!

    1. You are so welcome! And I agree that watching others helps us with those little tricks which would have taken us a long time to learn! Saving wire bits is something all of us should do!


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