Laser Cut Hair Sticks by PonyTalesTreasures

It is rare that I get to meet a designer face to face.  Not too long ago, I bumped into Cindy pf PonyTalesTreasures at the maker studio in Cambridge, Ontario. She was in the queue after me for the laser cutter! More about that at another time.

Cindy, a single mother from nearby Kitchener, specializes in hand painted laser cut hair sticks which she invented.  These are truly unique!  Cindy says, her hair pins are "artfully designed, with Earth in mind."

I love how her signage was also done by a laser cutter!

Laser Cut Hair Sticks by PonyTalesTreasures

A really bubbly person, Cindy, like her hair sticks, has plenty of personality.  She has many designs and colors to suit different tastes. Some of them are sold as sets.

 I don't have long hair but people apparently love to use the hair sticks to easily decorate messy buns! Adds a punch of color and flair.

Cindy also explained, "They simply adorn the hair - like hair jewelry. They go into ponytails, buns, or tie-backs - - all they need is just a bit of tension (like an elastic or clip)."

They are truly unisex in the age of the man bun!

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