Robyn Cornelius is a Canadian metalsmith from Edmonton, Alberta. She not only creates beautiful designs for her store, littlerock but also offers tutorials and metal work supplies to those who wish to learn. She says she absolutely loves making one of a kind jewelry and teaching!

Her sculptural designs were what caught my eye, especially her wavy bangles and rings.

Robyn began making jewelry in her family's store, Bedrock Supply in Edmonton. She earned her fine art degree majoring in jewelry and metals from the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary.

She has had a very focused career even as a student!  She explained, "While completing my degree I worked at a local jewelry store in Calgary. I worked in a production shop soldering gold nuggets to inukshuks and polar bears all day. I quickly learned how to complete tasks in a timely fashion and gained much experience at this shop."

After her degree, she moved back to her hometown and rejoined the family business and opened Little Rock Jewelry Studio!

" I began teaching and realized it was thrilling to teach people how to make things. Teaching has given me so many opportunities to travel and meet new people and really explore more metal working. I felt like I learn from my students every day."  Spoken like a born teacher!

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