I was intrigued when I first saw this tutorial by Japanese beader Sapphirus. There were two large loops at each end of the bracelet and what appears to be a series of small beaded rings in the middle. 

It was an unusual design. But I didn't realize how innovative it was until I watched the tutorial. The bracelet is actually made up of 5 separate tubular RAW (right angle weave) rings. Note that tubular RAW is not the same as cRAW (cubic right angle weave).

3 of the rings were smaller than the other two. Once beaded up, the smaller rings are simply knotted together and then the ends were knotted to the focal area! Neat!

The designer does give the number of beads for each ring. But as far as I can see, the tutorial does not actually state how long the bracelet is. So you will have to bead one up as instructed and go from there if the length is not right for you.

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