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Eni Oken's Wire Jewelry Tutorials

Remember Eni Oken?  She used to run  A trained architect who for 20 years designed fantasy environments for the video gaming industry, Eni turned to jewelry design in 2004 - about the same time I started my jewelry making journey.  Needless to say, I was an early fan of her work.

Eni, who lives in California, explained, "I created a collection of over 100 e-books and tutorials on jewelry making, and also founded and developed a very large 150 thousand member community of jewelry makers called, which carried over 3000 jewelry making tutorials created by over 300 different teachers."

Eni was forced to close down for ongoing health reasons. She developed a stage 4 metastatic cancer back in 2010. Eni said, "During the treatment and recovery years I started drawing again mostly because it was portable and easy to do from bed."  Her early repetitive pattern drawings depicted her feelings about cancer treatments. Eventually, her oncologist suggested she drew less gruesome subjects!

Eni discovered Zentangle in 2013 and found her new niche.  She now offers many Zentangle tutorials in her store, Eni Oken which celebrates her creative world.

Her original wire jewelry tutorials are not lost as there are still available in the same store!  Shown here are some of my favorites from this wonderfully talented artist. You can read more about Eni here.

I wish her all the best for the future!

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  1. Eni's journey is so inspirational. Her talents are endless - including her personal fight.

    Way to go Eni!

  2. I have wonder what had become of Eni Oken. Thank you for the update and an amazing artist. The Zentangle looks interesting!

  3. Thank you for showcasing Eni’s jewellery work. I’m so pleased she is still making art.

    When I first started making jewellery, jewelrylessons was just in it’s infancy and I learned so much from so many teachers on that site, especially Eni.

  4. I followed her jewellery and when it closed her zentangles both are so amazingly creative, the lady is amazingly talented though I didn't realise that cancer was the health issue that had caused her to close her jewellery making site and I'm very glad that the tutorials are still available I wish her well and that she has good health for the future

  5. I've missed Eni's wonderful jewelrylessons site and I'm glad she's still making new tutorials!

  6. Just as the others, I too was wondering as to Eni's whereabouts. I knew she couldn't have just gotten tired of jewelry - not with her talent. So, now I know. I hope you continued health, Eni, and have missed you terribly. Godspeed and I'll be sending up prayers for you! Hurry back to us!!

  7. WOW! Just getting to know you. I am flabbergasted at your talent and your lifelong achievements. And to think, you are my teacher! I better get learning! Thanks, Eni. You are wonderful. Christa


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