Judy Larson is an amazing wire and metal work instructor who has kindly shared many of her tutorials on this blog over the years.  Her generosity benefits jewelry makers everywhere!  Hear! Hear!

She recently sent me this wire wrapping tutorial just in time for Mother's Day.  She taught her students this one years ago.  It is created using traditional wire wrapping using a round cabochon.

What makes it a heart design is how Judy finishes the wire ends. She forms them into a heart shape.

Her tutorial covers the basics. But as you can see from the finished design, she has a couple of ideas to consider.  She added silver balls along one of the wire ends. Notice how she twisted a couple of the wire ends, too? You can grasp the wire end with your chain nose and slowly twist the wire. I prefer to use an inexpensive pin vise like this one. It is simple to use. Just loosen the barrel and insert your wire end. Then tighten up the vise and start twisting!

I have shared all her PDF tutorials over on Slideshare  You can still see the previous tutorials there and download them if you wish. Slideshare is free to join.

The link to this tutorial is here. The download button is at the bottom.


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