Talk about personalized!  This thumbprint heart pendant tutorial is not only personalized but also very easy to do. The tutorial is by Nell of Rhythms of Play.

The thumbprint is created on paper which is then glued to the glass cabochon and then to the pendant bezel.

Mod Podge was listed in the materials but not mentioned in the instructions.  It was likely used to seal the thumbprint paper and protect it before contact with Diamond Glaze, the adhesive used.

Diamond Glaze can also be used to coat the finish work like resin if you do not have a glass cabochon.  Diamond Glaze is easy to use in that it is a one step product with no need to mix unlike resin.  It cures faster than regular resin. So this product is ideal when working with youngsters.

However, Diamond Glaze is not quite as glass-like as 2 part epoxy resin is. Durability is also another factor as exposure to moisture will cloud the cured Diamond Glaze.

So if you love this project idea, and have no glass cabochon to fit your pendant bezels, consider working with resin.   The process will be the same as with my past tutorial, Easy Resin Pendant Tutorial Uses Digital Images (and photo paper). There is one extra step, you do need to seal the thumb printed paper with Mod Podge. 

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