My friend Sonya does metal stamping - she loves stamping flatware.  She asked if I knew of suppliers of sterling silver tags and charms.  Well, here is what I found out for her - and for anyone who wants precious metal stamping blanks and tags.

Tags are especially useful if you gift or sell jewelry.  You can stamp your initials or the initials of shop names.

I was quite taken with the sterling silver tags (shown above)  I discovered in LuxorSupplies .  It is run by Canadian Michiel.  These tags show the 925 hallmark which will let recipients know if your design is made from this precious metal.  He is offering a 15% discount for purchases over $15 for February 2019 - use this discount code :  BEADINGGEM15

He also has other tag shapes in his store as well as sterling silver heart charms.

Do you dislike sterling silver because it tarnishes?  Then check out Creating Unkamen. Karen Helmrich and her family business are based in Missouri. They have argentium sterling silver tags among their inventory of tags and blanks.  Argentium replaces the copper portion of regular sterling silver which is the cause of the tarnishing we see. Unlike copper, argentium is very, very slow to tarnish.

CreatingUnkamen also stocks anodized titanium stamping blanks in different colors. Aren't they pretty? Titanium is a strong, durable metal which is also corrosion resistant, doesn't react to skin chemistry and hypoallergenic. Titanium is actually not rare but it is lumped in with the precious metals because it is expensive to make titanium alloys.

Texas based Katlyn of LASupply has round sterling silver, gold filled and rose gold filled stamping blanks in their collection as well as the rectangular kind. These vertical skinny ones are great for earrings!

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