You can make easy image jewelry using glass cabochons and bezels - see this past tutorial of mine for Easy No Resin Stud Earrings.  But if you do not have glass cabochons for your metal bezels, resin is the answer.  This tutorial shows you how fast you can make pendants using digital images, without having to do multiple resin layers. Yup. I am talking 1 step resin pours!

I started with standard sized round bezels - these were 30 mm.  You can get them from many places including here.

You can either use your own images, public domain ones or do what I did, purchase them from amazing graphic artists !  These beautiful autumn leaves designs are from Art Cult.  Her printable downloads are stunning. Highly recommended.

You typically need to seal the printed paper with some sort of varnish.  Otherwise, the resin will make it translucent. So here is the big tip!  I printed out the downloaded art work onto glossy photo paper using my inkjet printer!!  I recommend the photo paper from Little Windows because these will work with resin - I had one recent failure with a matte type of photo paper I got from Staples.  Also See my past tutorial for photo resin jewelry.  (Little Windows's 15% discount code for readers -  :  BG1516)

Cutting out is easy with the right sized paper punch.

I chose the tree of life printable download from 6DogArtsCollage, another graphic designer who provides so much variety!  This time I had them printed out onto laser printer transparencies.

Alas, the paper punches do not work with this sort of plastic. So I had to cut them out with scissors, following the faint guidelines of the printed images.

The transparency design needed a backing. So I punched out metallic origami paper.  You can get these here or here.  The metallic part means you do not have to seal this paper either!

I tidied up the shape of the round transparency piece by using the metallic paper one as a guide. 

I then glued down all the paper pieces.

I used Brilliant Resin from Little Windows which I like very much. Excellent quality for jewelry making. Also a low bubble producer. I mixed up a small amount following the instructions.  As with all resin projects, always have other side projects on hand to use up every bit of the prepared resin.

I really like Little Windows'  the silicone doming tray where accidental spills can be removed after curing.  But if you don't have it, you can use a ceramic tile (I use this for polymer clay work) to set the bezels on. Notice that the bails are projecting out?  That is to ensure that the main bezel part is absolutely flat.

Carefully fill the bezels.  Do NOT overfill as the resin will overflow and your pendant will get stuck to the tile!

I slipped in the transparency piece sort of sideways which ensured no bubbles are trapped underneath.

Use a toothpick to gently position the transparency. Some resin will well up from below.  Carefully add a little more resin so it domes just like the other ones. 

Come back after about 15 minutes and pop any latent bubbles which might form. The polymerization reaction is still happening, you see. Cover and leave to cure overnight before hanging on chains or cords.

Really easy technique.  What could possibly go wrong?  Hah.  Well,  I forgot to come back after 15 minutes or so to check and these sneaky little bubbles below did form and alas, set that way.  So I had to do it again!   But seriously, it is a fast method to generate a lot of pendants and with a variety of designs too.  You can make a lot of gifts in a short period of time!

Before You Go:

I used my iPhone 6S with the Camera+  app. I used  the Orangemonkie studio which comes equipped with LED lights - for artificial light photography in my windowless basement studio. The Foldio2 is particularly affordable. I use the Foldio3 with extra lights because I need the room for tutorial photography.  

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