Over the years, I have features some wonderful wire artists who can "sketch" with wire (see links below). They are able to come up with simple outlines which convey the essence of the design elements - often inspired by nature.  Their skill with manipulating wire with their tools is inspiring.

Want to create your own but need a little help? The answer is to use a wire jig!

Shown here are clever wire jig tutorials by We R Memory Keepers.  These are demonstrated using their Happy Jig. (This smaller jig model is better for jewelry making).

This particular jig has pegs with groves in them to help keep the wire in place as you wind it around the pegs. I also like the starting peg as you can see the following tutorials.  I have an all metal equivalent but it doesn't have these additional helpful features.

Expect to hold down the pegs to keep them in the jig when bending the wire around them.  And as always with wire, expect to practice!  Also remember to work harden wire frames by hammering them lightly with a nylon hammer.

This tutorial is for a leaf.  As you can see, the leaf is meant as a decoration for scrapbooking and other crafts. So you will have make a loop at the stem end if you want to use it in jewelry making.

This simple Christmas tree tutorial isn't quite complete. I would wrap the wire end at the loop end to complete the frame.

You can also "write with wire".  This basic tutorial is just an example. You will have to figure out wire paths for words you want to do.

This tutorial resembles a triangular ear wire!  You will have to make it smaller for an actual ear wire!  Consider finishing the inner wire end differently. Perhaps with a loop?  The outer wire end will also have to be filed smooth if it is going through an ear hole.

Here is the wiring diagram for a butterfly. Check out their page for other simple shape diagrams.

Also check out the Wigjig.  There are metal and acrylic versions.

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