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Off Loom and Loom Work Beaded Jewelry Tutorials by VitalijaVelyviene

Vitalija Velyviene lives and works in Pennsylvania. You can tell that beading is her passion! Her shop VitalijaVelyviene is full of her unique  off loom and loom work jewelry tutorials.

I first discovered her work when I shared her novel beaded bee tutorial in this past post on 5 Gorgeous Beaded Insect Jewelry Tutorials.

Some of my favorites include her Be My Valentine heart tutorial shown above. The puffed up design is most unusual.

Other stand outs are her nature inspired designs like the gingko and fern leaf ones as well as the lovely butterfly tutorial.

Love loom work?  Vitalija has a huge selection of loom work tutorials.  Her Gustav Klimt painting in beads is stunning!

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  1. It's very interesting to see comparisons of the on-loom and off-loom items side-by-side. I had never really taken the time to look at the difference. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't be doing more on-loom projects.

    1. Loom is faster! But as you can see the beads are not offset as they are with peyote. So it is a matter of personal preference which look one chooses.

  2. Incredibly beautiful designs! I'm so impressed with the talent involved and think hopefully to try to learn looming. wow...………………. amazing....


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