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6 Art Deco Inspired Wire Work Jewelry Tutorials

Art Deco is actually a mix of many different styles, all yearning to be modern looking and luxurious in its heyday.  There were many influences which shaped Art Deco - Cubism, exotic Asian art forms and even the then new materials appearing like chrome, stainless steel and plastic.

For me though there are certain elements which shout Art Deco, one of which as the stylized fan shape.  British designer, Nicole Beer, of Rubycurls has a beautiful cabochon design tutorial shown above which really captures this element.

Overlapping patterns are another feature of Art Deco.  A great example is this ring tutorial by Erika Pal of WireArtTutorials.

I see Art Deco echos in the main stem area  and the criss crossing of wires of this beautiful pendant again by Erika Pal of  WireArtTutorials.  Erika called it her Art Nouveau pendant. Art Nouveau predates Art Deco.

Erika's other Art Deco/Art Nouveau pendant tutorial utilizes a popular shape in jewelry making.

This tutorial shown below, is a variation of the one above - a bold design which includes a beautiful gemstone.

This incredibly complex design is actually called the Deco pendant tutorial!  It is by  IMNIUMTutorials who specializes in detailed designs.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. My fingers get all like thumbs when I try that type of work. Probably why I admire it so much.

  2. What a beautiful collection! You have outdone yourself!

  3. I know if I was out shopping and saw these designs I'd be right in there trying them on and walking out with them. There's something about the Art Deco styles that I find intriguing and timeless.

  4. I love all things Art Deco. I wonder if there will be a 100 year revival of the style as 2020's and 2030's approach.

    1. I think the style is still as popular as it was back then! Good design never dies!


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