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Art Nouveau Inspired Polymer Clay Necklaces by Claycessories

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Janna Baranovska is the artist and designer behind Claycessories. Her one of a kind designs are incredible but difficult to classify.  Her work is definitely art as it showcases her talent and creativity. Many of her pieces are nature inspired - butterflies, moths, bees, flowers and birds are some of her inspirations.

Some of the most outstanding designs are those which look like they are made with metal and enamel based.  Shown here are her distinctly Art Nouveau inspired pieces.

Janna also incorporates gemstones in her work.  Simply exquisite workmanship!

H/T to Aims for this find.

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  1. Oh my gosh, Pearl, her work is absolutely amazing! Thanks so much for sharing that with us.

  2. Thank you,Pearl for your attention to my creations :)

    1. My goodness, it was a pleasure to feature such an amazing designer. You inspire us all.

  3. Janna's work is simply amazing. When I look at her work I often wonder just how long it's taken her to make such incredible creations.

    Janna? Could you let us know? I'm blown away with your style and your work and am curious how long it takes to create these!

    I was just looking at her shop again and saw her dandelion necklace and her starry night bib. So different from her other designs yet both are incredible as well.

    Sigh....she makes me strive to be a better artist.

    1. Thank you for all kind words,I am very pleased :)
      Actually always in different ways,sometimes I can make in one-two days,sometimes it takes a few weeks,depends on inspiration and complexity.I like to experiment and create jewellery in different style,try new techniques.Also I like to make necklaces based on paintings by famous artists.I have already made a collection of jewelry under the impression of Gustav Klimt and Pablo Picasso paintings and planing to continue.I have many ideas what I want to do,just need more hours in a day :)

  4. No words for the beautiful creative work! The colors,the style and everything else is fantastic and lovely!

  5. wow, gorgeous. Would love to learn more about polymer clay if ever a class came this way

  6. wow gorgeous !! Would love to learn more about polymer clay if a class ever came to Cambridge, Ontario.

    1. Suzanne - please contact my friend Helen Breil. She runs a small workshop/guild for polymer clay enthusiasts in near Cambridge. Contact link is at the bottom of her site : http://www.helenbreil.com/

  7. Enchanting creations! Love that fly :)

  8. Wow! So incredibly beautiful! I'm inspired; just hope I can make something that even looks decent. These are fantastic!

  9. Gosh, these are such drool worthy pieces. They absolutely do not look like clay. Hats off to the maker