The inner diva in you ready to break out?  Check out the utterly glamorous beaded jewelry tutorials by Italian designer Simona Svezia of PerlineeBijoux.

Simona's designs remind me of the richness of the baroque architecture of Italy and also in other European capitals. Hers are statement jewelry designs - the baroque style of the beadwork world! The ornateness and elegance of this rich style never fails to impress when you consider that each design is made up of many small beads.

The baroque style, which flourished in Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries, began in Rome. While we tend to associate baroque with music (Vivaldi, Bach), art and architecture (Bernini, Palace of Versailles), before the 18th century, baroque was a word used for jewelry. For example, the French and Portuguese referred to uneven and imperfect pearls as baroque.  Indeed, the word itself probably came from the Portuguese one, barroco which meant "a flawed pearl".

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