I raved about Japanese crafter, Popokuro before - her UV resin wire and umbrella charm tutorial was clever.  I also love her innovative  Saturn and rings resin tutorial.

She made up 2 resin hemispheres, working in layers - she had clear UVresin on the outside and added stars, glitter and colored resin on the inside.  The UV works better than conventional resin for this design as she was able to quickly cure just a thin layer all around the cabochon mold. Regular resin will pool at the bottom long before it hardens.

I love how she used a plastic stencil with round holes as the mold for the rings of Saturn part.  Most of use press frame molds like this on top of  packing tape or adhesive shelf liner.  She used earthquake mats!  Those of you who live in seismically active regions will recognize these as special gel pads to place under small appliances and furniture to stop them from sliding when the earth starts shaking. They are sticky which helps this craft project.

As before she used the amazing craft supplies from Daiso, the Japanese equivalent of our dollar stores.  Only, they are much better quality.  Perhaps one day, there will be more than a handful of Daiso stores in North America!

But you can certainly find replacement products if you wish to try her method. You can get other brands of UV resin like this one

I would use a cabochon mold like that from Little Windows. (15% discount code for readers : BG1516) There are sets of different sizes which allows you to make two of them for one planetary model. Or even larger ones as Christmas ornaments!

Color small amounts of resin using resin colorant designed for UV resin. And perhaps you already have a gel nail UV lamp already in your home! This model has exactly the same wattage as the one used in the tutorial.

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