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Handmade Eye and Planet Cabochons by Vae Nox Factory

Remember my previous post about evil eye charms?  Evil eye jewelry is still popular today. See my past post on the amazing wire woven evil eye jewelry of Twisted Sister Arts (a must see).  Or if you aren't into protective charms, then eye cabochons are are useful for doll making, mixed media art, sculptures and so on.

Switzerland based Kim of Vae Nox Factory is a wonderful source of handmade eye and planet glass cabochons. She makes them with glass and images "using special waterproof adhesives that create a protective layer between the glass and the image, and make them more resistant and durable."  They are also "Oven safe at polymer clay temperatures (110-130°C)".

She has so many lovely eye cabochons that I found it hard to pick a selection to showcase!  Some of the orange ones remind me of the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings!

Kim also makes planetary cabochons.  One of my favorites is the Planet in an Asteroid field cabochon (see last image below) - she designed the image in Photoshop.

Planetary Cabochons

Planet in Asteroid Field Cabochon

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  1. Beautiful cabochons, even though I must admit that the eyes tend to creep me out a little bit. But I love the planets. I'm sure that you have a blog on how to do a beaded cabochon because wire just doesn't seem to work well for me. I think I use to much tension.

    1. I sure do! Wire isn't for everyone!

  2. Good thing I went back and read how these were made Pearl. At first I was totally captivated by the unique designs surrounding the iris and then swept away by the planets.

    Mind blown by the designs!

  3. I love the eyes and am planning on buying some in the future. Many years ago in the UK there was a shop called the Great Frog who used to make jewellery from vintage Victorian prosthetic eye inserts, which were amazing, as they were so detailed, even having tiny thread veins in the white part


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