Japanese crafter, Popokuro shared a clever tutorial on how to make an umbrella charm using wire and UV resin.  The charm could also be a pair of earrings!

As you can see from her English captioned video, she carefully cuts head pin wires and lays them down in a resin cabochon mold for the umbrella's frame. Using UV resin allows her to lay down thin layers of colored resin between the spokes in quick succession as she could cure the resin in minutes.

She uses Daiso products. Daiso is to the Japanese what the dollar store is to us. Only much, much better both in quality and range of products!  I have encountered Daiso stores in South East Asia before and love them.  There are just a few in North America. Perhaps one day, there will be one closer to most of us.

You can get other brands of UV resin like this one.  You will have to color small amounts of resin using resin colorant designed for UV resin.  These will keep as they will not cure unless exposed to sunlight or an UV lamp - you know, the kind you use for gel nail polish curing. Note that these lamps come in different wattage so curing times are going to be different if your home lamp is not 36W.

I recommend the silicone cabochon mold from Little Windows because there are so many sizes.  (15% discount code for readers : BG1516).

I like how she uses glitter nail polish to make the charms prettier. She also uses resin as a glue.  It is handy that the resin will stay liquid until one is ready to cure it.

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