Thank goodness for Youtube.  It is a repository of amazing videos, some of them from the past.  Like the British Pathé series where we get to see news clips and short documentaries once shown in cinemas - it was the only way people got to see such things before television came along.

Thanks to the International Polymer Clay Association, we now get to see a 77 minute tutorial series recorded way back in 1999 of a master polymer clay artist at work. Youtube did not start until 2005.

While the video quality is not quite up to today's standards, Mike Bressler's instructions and demonstrations are still relevant today.  Helpful and inspirational.

He shows us how to work with metallic polymer clay in different ways. In the process, he takes advantage of the clay so we get to see shimmery and lustrous effects. He also demonstrates the Skinner blend technique.  One of my favorite sections is how he creates the shells shown above.

How did this video come to light?  Here is the explanation from IPCA :

"Following a very determined and successful campaign by Tonja Lenderman to track down Mike Buesseler's videos and the generosity of Tory Hughes, whose company owns them, the IPCA is very happy to announce a permanent home from where they can be viewed.

Tory made it a condition that there is to be no charge for the videos and Tonja has added a note to each one to that effect. They must also be freely available to all, not just our members, and we are very happy to agree to that. Enjoy watching a polymer master in action! Thank you very much Tonja and Tory."

H/T to Aims for this find.

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