Some people either do not wish to attempt bead crochet or love peyote stitch so much it's all they will use to created beaded ropes!  The alternative is the peyote technique by Gerlinde Lenz called Peyote with a Twist (PWAT) or sometimes peytwist.

PWAT allows you to create a beaded section before joining on the diagonal to create the start of a tube.  (If you still want to learn to bead crochet - check out the links below)

Canadian designer, Agota of AgotaGE, who is based in Vancouver, says "I never met a bead I didn't love!" She is a PWAT enthusiast so much so she has produced many wonderful patterns for others to follow. It is one thing to know how to do PWAT - quite another to come up with complex patterns.

Please note that these are patterns not full tutorials.  Agota clearly states :

"What is NOT included :
Instruction of how to do PeyTwist technique
Instruction of how to do single or double column seam
Instruction of how to read peyote or PeyTwist bead chart"

I have included some excellent free tutorials for reference at the end of this post.

Agota's varied patterns were a delight to discover.  She has a few flag patterns including the US and Canadian flag.

USA Flag

Canadian Flag
Another symbol for Canada is her lumberjack pattern which is based on the typical red and black plaid popularly considered to be lumberjack jacket or shirt material!  Sometimes this designer adds the inspirational photo which got her design juices going. The lumberjack design was based on a cushion cover!

When I first browsed her store, I thought some of her designs were remarkably like real snake patterns. Diving deeper, I discovered they were indeed inspired by the distinctive markings of actual snakes!

Coral Snake

Gray Banded King Snake

Her talent for transposing a photo into a beaded tube is uncanny. One of my favorite designs from her collection is this one called "Honey".  She shared the inspirational photo as shown below. 

Agota also sells magnetic end clasps.

Basic Tutorials 

Presenter : Stephanie of Bronzepony Beaded Jewelry

Single Column Peyote with a Twist - Not Crochet by Gerlinde Lenz

Double Column Peyote With a Twist - Not Crochet by Gerlinde Lenz

Peyote with a twist not crochet : How to read a pattern presented by Beads Direct

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