I make a lot of my own ear wires.  It makes sense as my designs are truly handmade save for actually making the wire!  I like using my large bail forming pliers and before that, a dowel or marker pen, as shown in the links below.  The pliers come in handy for other wire manipulations.  The bail forming pliers, however, do need practice to make ear wires the same consistently.

As with many things, there are other tools to do the same thine.  A wire jig is one.  This will suit those who aren't that comfortable with wire or if you want to make loads of the same size earring wires. And in different styles.

I wrote about the E-Z earrings maker tool a long time ago.  It made for a smaller earring that I prefer. But it is no longer available.

A different design called the Easy Ear Wire Maker tool is on the market.  This video shows you how the jig is used.  The tool demonstrated at the end to smooth the wire (the part that goes through ear holes) is called a cup bur or wire rounder as it is sometimes called.  It is a nifty little tool - works better than a sanding pad but it does wear out so you do need to replace.

The advantage of this wire jig is the clear plastic attachment helps keep the wire from popping up during the bending process.

Another one to consider are Artistic Wire's ear wire jig series which offer different ear wire styles. These are more budget friendly.

The oval style jig is one example. The video shows how easy it is to use.  The pusher tool is handy as that will give a crisp bend.  I also suggest that you hold two ear wires together to do the final trim so they are exactly the same length.

There are also the multi hole jigs with removable pegs which allows you to do many more designs, not just ear wires. I will cover these at another time.

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